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Our mission statement is ‘Simply the best for our children’. We believe that our children deserve an excellent, well rounded education. We aim to be the best we can be and we have high expectations that students attending our school will be successful, happy, confident learners who will be able to make a great contribution to the world and the community they live in.

Our Vision

We want to empower everyone at Macandrew Bay School:

  • To have high expectations of themselves and a passion for learning that will equip them for life.
  • To set and achieve their goals and work towards their dreams.
  • To be active citizens who contribute to their world and the lives of others.
  • To face challenges with self-belief and resilience.
  • To have high expectations of teaching and learning.

Our Values

  • Kaitiakitanga - Responsibility, Honesty, Independence and a Passion for Learning
  • Manaakitanga - Respect, Kindness and Caring 

Annual Plans & Reports

Every year we produce annual plans and report on progress against these plans. Plans are guided by our strategic directions which are reviewed every three years in consultation with the school community. 

Our Strategic Aims

Curriculum Aim: Our students will experience a broad, integrated authentic curriculum that allows them to achieve their personal best and to develop a lifelong passion for learning.

Goal 1: Students will experience learning success and be supported to achieve their personal best, particularly with foundation skills including Language, Literacy and Numeracy.

Goal 2: Students will experience a broad curriculum that is engaging, motivating, fosters creativity, balance, wellbeing and a lifelong passion for learning.

Resources Aim: Our students will be provided with the tools they need to achieve their personal best and to learn in a safe, stimulating learning environment.

Goal 3: We will provide all learners in our school, including the staff, with the tools they need to achieve their personal best. We have high expectations that we can all experience success and optimise our potential at Macandrew Bay School.

Goal 4: We will provide a safe, stimulating learning environment that fosters a sense of belonging, connection to the school and Peninsula community and that celebrates our cultural diversity.

Goal 5: All students and staff will progress their knowledge and understanding of Te Reo me ona Tikaka/ Tikanga.

Community Aim: Our Community activities will make us stand out because of our community involvement.  

We will bring a range of expertise into the school from our community and beyond as well as ensure we give back to our community.

Goal 6: We will develop a strong learning community, where we work well together, actively participating and contributing to the life of the school.


Nau mai, haere mai

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