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Year 5 Camp Quarantine Island

We had a fabulous time learning about the history of the island on our tour with caretaker John.  Dinner was burgers and FRIES (a lot of fries).  There may or may not have been a midnight feast in the bunkrooms!  On Friday, after a magical crossing back to Portobello on the Albatross Express (Thanks to Meila's Grandad, Perry) we spent the morning at the Portobello Aquarium learning about the Marine Metre Squared project and getting up close and personal with the marine life. Lunch was at the Portobello Pub (Thank you to the Reid's for hosting us) and then we explored the Future Forest at Broad Bay.

Here's what are tamariki said!


Felix - Finding an Olive Rockfish in a tiny rock pool.  We were lifting up rocks and saw a movement and then we saw it was a fish.

Rosie - The boys and I were playing cannibals in the tree huts.

Meila - The tour of the island and learning all about the history.

Benji - The tour of Quarantine Island with John the caretaker and learning about the history.  I learnt about the Firing Squad and that the cemetery is full of children in unmarked graves that died on the island from diseases. I enjoyed holding a kina in the touch tanks at the Aquarium.


Meila - Discovering the crabs with the Marine Metre squared project. Discovering the ship wreck.

Rosie - I discovered a sea anemone that was yellow and purple on the outside and in the middle it was purple and white.

Felix - Discovering that a purposely blown up ship is called a hulk!

How we showed responsibility:

Meila - Doing the 'walk' with Mr D that was risky but I was responsible. I also enjoyed helping in the kitchen and staying within the boundaries of camp.

Benji - I enjoyed the loop walk and showing responsibility with this.

Nau mai, haere mai

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