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Rātā Learning

Every morning you can see children practicing their literacy skills by writing in their journals, reading to themselves and a buddy, learning code words, and focusing very hard during their teacher time. We are seeing so much independence as children solve words themselves, reread as they go for fluency and write sentences, showing us their expert knowledge of sounds, heart words and spelling patterns. The children also really love to play Read and Grab, sketch and draw and get outside to write with chalk.

We have been really thinking carefully about the design process and preparing different types of food like fruit crumble and macaroni cheese. Looking at the design process and how we can solve problems by researching, generating ideas and testing them out is going to help us as we plan a way to connect with our families at home by inviting you to come to school later in the term.

We just love Maths and really enjoy our daily Mad Maths challenges, choosing activities from our Maths cafe to help us consolidate basic facts, write numerals correctly and interact with each other. We have been working on writing equations this week and many of us use a number line to help count forwards to solve addition problems.  

Nau mai, haere mai

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