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ANZAC Day Celebrations

Thanks to our Year 6 pupils Laurie and Felix who joined guest speaker Craig Moore to commemorate ANZAC day by reading ANZAC poems.  Laurie wrote her own poem and Felix read In Flanders Fields.  We were very proud of both Laurie and Felix who read beautifully in front of a big crowd.  Fletcher, Benny and Freya all presented wreaths of behalf of our kura.  Freya also helped with the morning tea dishes too!  Spencer and Edward as part of involvement with Scouts were the flag bearers. Thank you to all the families that attended this important community event.

Here are some of amazing Anzac Day poems/writing:

Anzac Day, a day of remembrance of those who went to war. They fought and fought till no more. The battle was over, the poppies came with their red petals, the colour of blood. Some came with their red petals the colour of blood. Some came back but others not. We will remember them one by one. They risked their lives for everyone and we will remember that. By Laurie Armstrong

Guns firing in the distance, thousands of men slaughtered. At the wrong place at the wrong time. Sacrificing their lives to give service to their country. Those who somehow survived traumatised forever. By Mitch McMillan

Bang bang bang, that is the sound of the loud guns. The screams and shouts. Bang bang bang bang! It's my turn now to lay down but I will always have a poppy in my heart. By Freya Lester

It is on ANZAC day when we remember the loss at Gallipoli. When the poppies bloom, where they fought. By Angus Middleton

Silently creeping through the night, guns shining in the moonlight. Poppies swaying gently in the wind. Creeping closer into the dark, ready to attack. By Meyra Oktay

Soldiers creep across the barren land. Poppies sway as the silent hand uses the inky darkness to hide. Pistols glint and the moon is high. By Jess Murray

Anzac biscuits, Dawn parades, Family gatherings, Old stories, Is how we remember the sacrifices people made lots of years ago for us. By Ava Cooke

Nau mai, haere mai

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