Welcome to Macandrew Bay School

Our school has been an important part of the Macandrew Bay community since it was established in 1859. We are a semi rural school, set in the pretty satellite suburb of Macandrew Bay on the Otago Harbour. We value our location on the Otago Peninsula with its rich diversity of historical human settlement, links to Otakou Marae, natural beauty and unique wildlife. We are a keen Enviroschool and we encourage our students to be active citizens who contribute to their world and the lives of others. We run Inquiry learning programmes based on themes that the children have expressed enthusiasm for learning about. We have strong Arts, Cultural and Sports programmes and a number of Sports teams. All students in the school learn Maori and children who wish to can join our extension group, Te Mua Upoko.

We have seven classrooms and teach children in Years 1 to 6. Our roll is healthy and we usually start the year with150+ children and end the year with approximately 170 students. We have had to build a new classroom to help accommodate our growing numbers. We have a school pool that the children love to learn to swim in and swimming is an important part of our Term 1 programme. Our playground has been upgraded thanks to the hard work of our Home and School members and many of the parents at the school. In 2015 we completed a big upgrade of our Main classroom block and added a new Learning Hub that houses our Library and is also a multi-purpose space where the school gathers, learns together and has Dance classes etc.

Our mission statement is ‘Simply the best for our children’. We believe that our children deserve an excellent, well rounded education. We aim to be the best we can be and we have high expectations that students attending our school will be successful, happy, confident learners who will be able to make a great contribution to the world and the community they live in.

Strong parental involvement and community support are an important feature of our school culture. We have a strong Home and School Committee, a great Board of Trustees, Parent Reading Tutors and a large group of parents who help with pool testing, school trips, sports teams, School Camp and many of the other activities that take place as part of our school’s rich and broad curriculum. The school is a friendly and welcoming place where people meet, chat and catch up with each other. It is one of the central hubs for the Macandrew Bay community.

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