Home and School Committee

Welcome to Home and School: A fundraising body formed to benefit our children

The current committee is as follows:

Kerryn Carson – President
Maree Thyne
Sarah Ali-Khan
Bernadette Newlands
Glynis Corson
Fiona Jack
Nic Brown
Elke Mathewson
Katherine Cooke
Sandra Walker – Treasurer
Andrea Moore
Esther Sibbald
Leana Campbell – Secretary
Lori Bulger
Leigh Carter
Kate Sneddon
Mary Van Voornveld

Emily Lam
Kate Oktay

What is Home and School?

In short, the home and school committee is a group of fabulous mums and dads that put together many fundraising events, parent get togethers, and functions that benefit our children at school and in the community.

What’s our role?

We are less formal than the board of trustees and it is our role to support the school and teachers in matters outside of the curriculum such as organizing fundraising for special projects (like the upgrade of the playground etc), coordinating fun events like the children’s disco, getting new parents together and basically having a better understanding of day to day life at school.

Who can be on the committee?

Any mum or dad can join Home and School at any stage of their child’s schooling. We meet once a month, times and dates are put in the newsletter, and usually, each meeting is approximately an hour. Being on the committee does NOT mean you are solely responsible for every fundraising venture that arises. We bring thoughts forward from other parents, discuss function and fundraising ideas and put our collective skills together to come up with some awesome concepts. We then enlist the help of many other parents and community members to make these successful.

Why fundraise?

Macandrew Bay School is a decile 10 school. This means we do not receive a lot of funding from the government so Home and School work together with the Board of Trustees and teachers to raise money for resources not covered by the limited funding, eg extra sports equipment, pool covers, play equipment, sunscreen for the classes, extra learning resources for the children.

Any new fundraising ideas are always welcome.

Where does the money go?

All money made by Home and School goes straight back into benefiting the children and teachers. Whenever a large event is organized such as our bi annual fairs and art auctions we always have a specific goal in mind. The money from the art auction goes towards funding the Arts Programme in the school, and the fair money is always put towards a large ticket item. This comes from a discussion with parents, teachers and children. Any person can make a suggestion on what they feel is required or what area would be benefited by a cash injection from home and school

If you would like to join the Home and School Committee please talk to Bernadette, one of the members, or just come along to one of the advertised meetings COME JOIN AND BE INVOLVED!

Information about our Home and School Committee

The Home & School Committee meets twice a term and is a less formally organised group than the Board of Trustees. They support the school in many matters outside the curriculum such as fundraising for special projects and holding events. It is a good opportunity for every new parent to meet other parents, make close contact with teachers and get a better understanding about the everyday life at school. All meetings are open to every parent and the committee always welcomes new members. How much work every member wants to contribute in the end is entirely up to them. The aim is no pressure but lots of fun. The meetings are announced in the weekly school newsletters. We usually have a Fair every two years and in alternate years we hold an Art Auction to raise funds for Arts programmes in the school and to fund our Artists in School project.

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