Enrolment Scheme

As Macandrew Bay School has a growing roll the Ministry of Education has asked us to put an Enrolment Scheme in place to help us manage our roll and avoid overcrowding.

Our enrolment scheme will provide automatic right of entry for children living within our enrolment scheme.

Macandrew Bay School’s Enrolment Zone will extend from and include Irvine Road at The Cove, along Portobello Road and all streets off it, through to 640 Portobello Road, Grassy Point. This includes all of Macandrew Bay township and all streets in Company Bay. The zone extends up Castlewood Road, up to the upper section of Camp Road,along Camp Road to Highcliff Road. The home zone includes Highcliff Road from 791 to 1165, Buskin Road, Greenacres Street, and also includes Sandymount Road from 16 to 113A, Seal Point Road, Braidwood Road and Ridge Road.


Children living outside zone who are already enrolled at Macandrew Bay School will not experience any problems attending our school. For future enrolments however children living outside of zone will be admitted in priority order (as space allows) based on the following criteria;

  • Sibling of a current pupil
  • Sibling of a former pupil
  • Child of a staff member or Board Member
  • All other applicants

If the number of out of zone children seeking admission exceeds the number of spaces available each year a ballot is held.

If you live outside of zone and wish to seek information on space availability please contact our office – Ph (03) 4761 004

Due to the nature of the rules relating to enrolment schemes final confirmation of enrolment eligibility can only be made by direct contact with the School Office. You can email us at admin@macandrewbay.school.nz

We are happy to answer any further questions you may have about the Enrolment Scheme and how it may apply to your wish to enrol your son or daughter at our school.

School Zone Map

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